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Living in Costa Rica
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Escazu, Costa Rica. A Popular Destination for Living in Costa Rica.

Ever since Costa Rica became a popular retirement destination for North Americans and Europeans many years ago, Escaz˙ real estate has blossomed into fine architecture, comfortable surroundings, and modernized commercial shopping centers.. Escaz˙ today offers North Americans and Europeans alike many of the amenities and common resources that are standard "back home", so real estate is very popular and it is an area that many foreigners choose to settle into when purchasing real estate in Costa Rica. Escazu is a mix of tropical colonial life and modern life of developed countries. If you are looking for all the luxuries of today, have a great social life, enjoy shopping, demand first class education, and want your children to be near their friends, Escaz˙ real estate is right for you Escazu provides a perfect mix of suburban resources and entertainment surrounded by the Tropics of Costa Rica.

In Escazu, you can find very old adobe houses, beautiful century old churches, and even a farmer walking an oxcart! At the same time, Escazu has erected many strip malls, the most modern hospital in the country, the largest shopping mall in Central America and several places to entertain, from clubs, to classy restaurants, to Americanized chains like T.G.I. Fridays. . Escaz˙ also offers an educational system comparable if not more respectable than most affluent countries in the world.

Real Estate in Escaz˙ is divided into 3 main areas:

· San Rafael is where it all happens. It's located in the lower part of Escaz˙. The main street caters to several restaurants (from typical Costarican places to Tony Roma's and McDonald's).

· San Antonio is the quiet area of Escaz˙. It's located on the mountain top, but it's only a couple of minutes from the rest of Escaz˙. This area is not as developed as the other areas. The rural is mixed with the city. You'll find mansions with shacks as their neighbors. Most foreigners like living here because of the dynamite views that most properties have.

· GuachipelÝn is the newest and most modern part of Escaz˙. Filled with strip malls, hotels, the famous Multiplaza shopping mall, the Cima hospital, the PriceSmart (Costco in U.S.) supermarket and many others. There are also many new residential areas offering new homes starting at the $100,000 all the way up to the million dollar price range.

Contact us today if you would like a brief tour of Escaz˙ when you are relocating. We find the vast majority of people who relocate to the greater San Jose area choose Escazu. In Escaz˙ it's easy to make new friends from all over the world and enjoy a neighborly environment in the Tropics.

To Receive information on property in Escazu and San Jose, Click here.

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