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Regions of Costa Rica

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Central Pacific
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Southern Pacific Region of Costa Rica
The area called Southern Pacific in Costa Rica starts at Playa Dominical Beach going south until Panama. There is a very good high way called 'La Costanera' from here all way down to Palmares and Golfito. This is called the biologically richest area of Costa Rica. Some areas are as difficult to access as Tortuguero, specially in the green season. Take a boat from Sierpe to the Drake Bay.

From Bahía Drake it is not difficult to hike to the Corcovado National Park along the coast. It takes between 4 and 7 hours to reach the San Pedrillo Ranger Station. From this point hiking trails continue into the Park. It's good to get a table about high and low tides. The best time for the walk is during low tide, since on some places one can get cut off during high tide. If you cannot follow along the beach there are in-land trails around that obstacle.

The exciting part of the Corcovado National Park is its long trails that all lead to a ranger station. This National Park with its enormous amount of different Flora and Fauna harbors the largest population of the beautiful Scarlet Macaw or Lapa Roja together with Tapirs, 5 species of Cats, Crocodiles, Peccaries, Giant Anteaters, Monkeys and Sloths. There are over 400 species of birds, even the almost extinct Harpy Eagle can be found here. But please don't think that they are lined up along the trails. Most of the animals are very hard to see, and it is a good idea to get a experienced Nature Guide.

The big selection of different activities and immense Bio-Diversity in this area makes a stay of at least 3 - 4 days recommendable, specially if getting there is by ground transportation. Activities range from canoeing, scuba diving to snake nature hikes. My personal favorite place between Palmares and Golfito the Esquinas Rain Forest Lodge, it is located near the Piedras Blancas National Park in a Nature Reserve also called the Rain forest of the Austrians, because Austrian Doctors collected the money to buy this Private Rain Forest Reserve.

A little further on that road only passable with a 4 x 4 vehicle, you'll reach Golfito. This port town once used by the point where bananas left Costa Rica on ships, but today the main atraction is a duty free zone at the very north end of Golfito. It also is a good point from where to start expeditions to Puerto Jiménez, the Corcovado National Park or take a small boat and go to the nearby Playa Sancudo.

About 15 km south of Zancudo is the Bahía de Pavón. It is famous for its Surf, Surfers say it is the best in all Central America. April to September is the time with the highest waves. A big long left can give you a three minute ride. But besides surfing, there is not much to do in this area. The so called Pavones comprises the two beaches Río Claro and Pavones. If you keep on going further south you soon will reach Panama.

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