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For many people relocating to Costa Rica, the answers to these questions are a top priority. The following sites will lead you to the answers, and will indeed educate you on the Costa Rican educational system.

Schools in Costa Rica:

The British School
The Panamerican School
The Lincoln School
The Country Day School
University of Costa Rica (Spanish)
The National University (Spanish)
The Veritas University

**** For more detailed information on schools, ask for a FREE Relocation Kit when you arrive.

Costa Rica Schools: Language Schools
Learn the basics of Spanish. Though there are many ex-pat communities where plenty of locals speak English, make your future life easier and take a basic Spanish course. Donít expect everyone to speak English to you. You are going to be in Costa Rica, not in the U.S. and the local language is Spanish. When locals see youíre at least trying to speak their language, they will open up and go out of their way for you. There are many good language schools all over Costa Rica, all with different programs. We can definitely recommend Ilisa Language School as one of the best, since they have many personal programs and small class rooms, so you can learn enough to get around without being uncomfortable learning a new language.

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