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Residence in Costa Rica

Residency In Costa Rica There are two popular types of residency in Costa Rica. One being the Pensionado (post-retirement) and the other being the Rentista (basically meaning someone receiving a consistent income). There are guidelines that come with each category, which are outlined below:

1. Pensionado: This form demands proof of income equal or greater than $600 per month from one or more pension plans.

2. Rentista: This form allows you to deposit $60,000 or more into a National Costa Rican bank OR show an income greater than or equal to $1,000 per month for five years.

With both options, the candidate must remain in the country for at least four months per year, and each option must be renewed every two years. There are other ways to obtain residency in Costa Rica, such as student and work visas, although they are not as common. If you have questions about residency in Costa Rica, or have a unique situation and are unsure how to proceed, contact us and we will point you in the direction of an attorney who can investigate your situation. Information on our website is subject to change, so please consult with an attorney before making any decisions.

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